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About Australia is our home

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We are so excited to announce the publication of our first book: Australia is our home!

With beautiful illustrations by Julia Chapman, this book is about the differences that make us special and that bring us together as Australians and as people.

Although each child in the story comes from somewhere different, they have so much in common… and that’s what makes Australia so unique! We are all part of the story of this wonderful place.

We all live in Australia
Australia is our home
We make this country special
We make this land our own

Each book comes with a bonus sticker sheet featuring some favourite images from the book!

It all started when…

It was early in the new millennium, when John Howard was Prime Minister and there was a lot of talk about asylum seekers and children overboard. My children were little at the time and just starting to meet other children at kinder or school. There was a spike in refugee families to the area so the children were exposed to lots of new and different faces. But they didn’t see the difference: kids were kids! They were honest and trusting and found simple things in common, as kids do. While the ‘grown ups’ pointed out our differences and some tried to make villains of those seeking asylum, children found common ground and formed friendships.

Over 15 years later we are still keeping asylum seekers in detention, even children.

This book is dedicated to all of the children who have made Australia their home, and to those still waiting.


Our support for the
Australian environment

Book Ink Publishing purchases 10 tonnes of Australian Government approved carbon offsets for every 1,000 copies of ‘Australia is our home’. We also use environmentally friendly ink and paper through local printers.